5 Unique Ways to Entertain Traveling Clients

For many business owners, a key part of their business is entertaining clients while they visit to help win business. Unfortunately, the routine of going to dinner, then out for a few drinks can get old. After a day or two, clients will feel it as an obligation, rather than something exciting, and it can even ultimately hurt, rather than help, the process. Instead, think of one of these unique ideas to entertain clients, and let them leave on a high note, remembering this trip, and your sales pitch, in a very different light. It just might be the thing to push that sale over the edge.

Professional Hobbies – People take their hobbies very seriously. Whether it’s fishing, hunting, golfing, tennis, and so on, finding out what your clients enjoy doing, then taking them out to do it will leave a lasting impression. If the client is meeting with three providers getting quotes, yours will be the one they remember, and you will be the person they want to work with.

Water Sports – Taking a client out on a boat to scuba dive, snorkel, jet ski, or simply enjoy the water will be something your client has likely never experienced on a business trip. Clients may open up a lot more about what they really want in a contract in a more casual setting like this.

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Gambling – Everyone loves to gamble with other people’s money. If you have a client with an appetite for gambling, try a local casino. Win or lose, your client will always remember that meeting, which could lead to future business.

Spa Day – Some of the best deals can close in a sauna after a relaxing massage. Take a client out to relax, and they will appreciate the time away from worries. Hit the sauna or a hot tub after to discuss business on more casual terms.

Hire a Professional – If you simply can’t leave the venue where your meetings are held, consider hiring a corporate comedian or magician to come to break up the monotony. These acts are designed for these events and usually help take some of the pressure off the topic at hand. An hour of laughing or awe can help put things back in perspective and help narrow the gaps in negotiations.

Whatever your industry, if you need to entertain clients, prospects, or business associates, try to think outside the box. Ultimately, the more your client has fun, the more likely you will get the deal.

Updated: November 28, 2018 — 8:29 pm

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